The pentagon at its best: "Pentagons 47" by Miguel Angel Giovanetti - Verbo Subastas
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The pentagon at its best: “Pentagons 47” by Miguel Angel Giovanetti

The pentagon at its best: “Pentagons 47” by Miguel Angel Giovanetti

1st Prize Winner of the 2015 National Drawing Contest, Miguel Angel Giovanetti is one of the contemporary geometric artists with a very good projection on the Latin American market. He has exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and Latin America. In this case, we will have in our June Special Auction  “Pentagons 47” a work done in colored pencil on canvas 155 cm x 70 cm (61 x 27.5 inches) belonging to one of the most important series of this artist.


“In principle, by using a single element, Giovanetti reduces language to a minimum. Multiplying the figure through repetition, overlapping, with its line thickness and color qualities, expands the speech that one element in complex compositions he calls “swarms”. This term refers to a large movement, in addition to the overlap where the set acquires and takes new forms. In the result of the work this translates into an experience of creation of space, depth and speed to the point it’s perceived that the work has become elusive. The dotted lines denote the presence of some pentagons about to fizzle but equally present. It´s impossible not to be drawn into this whirlwind of energy.”

Luis Espinosa, Pentagon Prologue 2014
LOT 41.
Private Collection
“Pentagons 47”
Colored pencil on canvas
155 x 70 cm (61 x 27.5 inches)
Signed on the back.
$ 36.000 (2.500 u$s approx.)
Pentágonos 47 Lápiz y lápiz color sobre tela 155 x 70 cm
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